No shame: God, decluttering, and letting go

Last week, I spent three hours decluttering my bookshelves. I culled four grocery bags of books to sell or donate. Many of the books were arty, french novels or experimental novels from my time in grad school.

It was hard to let go of the arty french novels and keep the more banal novels that I have actually loved. It was hard to let go of something that used to be important to me, but that I never really loved.

When we let go of our old stuff, what are we really letting go of? 

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How I’m Going to Blow Your Mind: The Anti-Gratitude List

Ok. I know what you’re thinking: All right, all right – Gratitude, I get. But  –  what the fuck  –  anti-gratitude? Yes. Anti-gratitude.

I came across this idea sitting in a Borders (remember those?), having just moved to this super cute suburb of Chicago, not knowing many people yet. I grabbed some books and headed down to the children’s section with my son. While he played with their toys, I stumbled upon spiritual magic.

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