Two Small Actions to Feel Better Today

Once again, we open the news and something terrible has happened. A large scale terrible. So, how do we stay in the day, in the world, and not get lost in the news? How can we touch base with goodness so we can have the energy to help anyone, including our own little families, our own selves?

It seems like bad things keep coming, doesn’t it? Even listing them here seems overwhelming. Like we will crumble under their weight.

Las Vegas. Puerto Rico. Miami. Houston. And that’s just in the past couple months.

Often when we’re hurting, we just hurt ourselves more. 

The news hurts us, and we go to the news. We look at Facebook for half the day, and listen to an endless loop on NPR of the day’s events. But this isn’t helping. We won’t learn anything we don’t already know.

We already know this gun violence is terrible. We already know that the climate is changing in ways that are tragic and scary and making something as basic as the weather deadly.

So, how do we comfort ourselves truly?

And how do we help make change?

Take emergency self-care efforts today. These are indeed desperate times. You’re not wrong. Look closely for one action you can take today to make a solid difference, and take it. Then, turn only to comfort, connection and goodness.

It doesn’t do any good to look at the news more than you actually need to. So, take a facebook break and walk in your neighborhood. See how many different kinds of flowers are still in bloom, or how many different types of leaves you can see on the trees.

Show your family some love. Do your good works right here. Right where you are. Be easy about it.

Go pick up your family’s favorite fast food for dinner and eat it at your dining table, then play cards or a board game or just the alphabet game, going through and listing things you like in this world:

  • Apples
  • Balls - super bouncy balls
  • Card games with grandma
  • Dinner parties
  • Eating candy
  • Fancy dresses
  • Grandma’s noodles

OR if the alphabet’s too hard, just do a gratitude list with your spouse, taking turns listing things you like - one through five -

  1. My favorite Spotify playlist
  2. New sweater
  3. Husband did the laundry
  4. Volunteering in my son’s class
  5. Coffee

And spend some time with the people you love. And if you don’t love anyone today, spend some time just showing yourself some love. Buy a magazine and sit with your favorite drink and read your magazine.

So, two small actions to feel better today: 

1. Click here to donate $10 or $25 or $125 to prevent gun violence.

2. Then move on. Do something sweet and easy for yourself. 

Go for a walk in your neighborhood and look at how many flowers are still in bloom, or how many different kinds of leaves you can see.

Watch your favorite tv show. Or buy flowers for your table. Play solitaire. Or ping pong. 

Look for a really good family movie to watch and plan the best Friday night family movie night ever, complete with your favorite special-occasion drinks, and popcorn in bowls and a movie all picked out.

Go into your kid’s school and just shelve books in the library.

Go buy bath salts and take the bath you’ve been wanting.

Spend time making fart noises with your kid. (Remarkably effective for lightening my own spirits.) Or go to the park and swing together. Play soccer.

The world’s problems are much bigger than you and the solution will be bigger than you too. But in the meantime, we can pray a simple prayer to our own Higher Power: God, help me feel your love for me, and my love for you. Help me feel my love for others and their love for me. If there is something I need to do, help me do it.

And then do it.

But fill your own cup, too.

Because we are in leaky cup times. These are hard times.

So, refill your cup with easiness and love for yourself and others. For the people closest around you.

You know what you need, so give it to yourself, even just one small thing, and then receive it as a gift from God. And do this over and over again, for yourself and for others. Soothe your own broken heart. Let God help.

God is right at hand with you to refill your cup. Let him, her, it. Listen for what you need and then receive it. That’s the gift from God today.

And take good care of yourself today. Because the world needs all the kind people it can get. The world needs you. You are a treasured and valuable resource.

Self care is essential today. So take good care of yourself, with kindness, and with love.